Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet for Your Special Day

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet for Your Special Day

Wedding flowers are one of the most stands out elements to your special day; a bride's floral arrangement is arguably the second most important part of her outfit, so we encourage you to a put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle! Not got a clue when it comes to choosing bridal bouquet for you and your bridal team? Read on for wedding bouquet ideas, we compile a list of the 5 most popular wedding flowers in Malaysia:


pink rose on white surface

You can never go wrong with the classic red rose for your wedding, a symbol of love and purity. The ultimate romantic flower, roses make every bridal bouquet look beautiful and elegant. There are over a hundred different types of roses, with varying colours and sizes, making this flower ideal for any bride, wedding season or theme.


Hydrangea - Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet

Their shape resembles a beating heart, so they symbolize perseverance and emotion. Choose to carry hydrangeas all on their own—they're pretty and full enough to act as a standalone flower.


Eustoma - Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet

The Eustoma is a potent symbol with primarily modern meanings; this blossom means a long and happy life or sweetness & kindness towards others and yourself. Thanks to its delicate petals, the lisianthus looks feminine and romantic whether used alone, for a more structured contemporary-looking bouquet, or mixed with other blooms for a natural ‘hand-picked’ look that’s perfect for a vintage wedding.


Peony - Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet

The lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. The blooms are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to newlyweds. Plus, peonies are a timeless, classic flower, and they're available in various colors and styles.


Orchid - Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet

This timeless and exotic flower can add an air of mystery to your wedding, it symbolizes beauty and refinement. We love them as a secondary stem in larger arrangements. Orchid is easy to find in a variety of colors ranging from white to yellow, pink, and purple, although pure white and deep purple are the colors most commonly selected for orchid wedding bouquets.

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